The Best, Most Delicious, Perfectly Grilled Meats, Chicken and Ribs

The Mega Grill

The Best Charcoal Grill When You Want To Grill 100+ Chickens

Chicken Pro

Great For Restaurants, Large Parties, Fire Departments, & Large Events

Party Pro

Got A Party Coming Up? It’s The Party Pro To The Rescue!

Rib Pro

Enjoy Juicy, Charcoal-Grilled Ribs? Meet Your New Best Friend!

Lunch Box

The Best Portable Charcoal Grill for Tailgating, the Beach or Poolside

Ever Cooked on the Planet Earth!

Chickenmaster On Video

It's a lot of fun (and mouth-watering) to watch the whole family of Chickenmaster Charcoal Rotisserie Grills in action. Enjoy these entertaining videos, or tune into our official Chickenmaster Grill YouTube Channel.

Chickenmaster Gallery

Want to see more of the Chickenmaster Rotisserie Charcoal Grill in action? We've got ribs, chicken, steaks, prime rib and even pizza grilled to perfection over charcoal utilizing the unique design and construction of these U.S.A. made grills.


We thought we were making the best charcoal rotisserie grill when we designed the Chickenmaster, but our avid and loyal customers say it even better than we could.

Lunchbox Grill Wins!

BBQ Competitor Ted Coleman combined great equipment- The Lunchbox Rotisserie Grill- with his skill and "special rub recipe" to win the "KING OF THE GRILL" competition sponsored by the St. Louis BBQ Society!
Are you ready to put propane behind you, and taste the amazing flavor chicken, meat or pork grilled perfectly over charcoal provides? There is absolutely no substitute for charcoal when it comes to getting succulent, smoky flavor out of your favorite barbecued meat. Chickenmaster Rotary Grills are the best charcoal rotisserie grills you can buy, with everything you need to make each grilled meal a memorable one.
Chickenmaster Grills are engineered to maximize the heat and smoke of charcoal, so that your food takes on incredible flavor. The stainless steel rotisserie provides even cooking and self-basting, insuring moist, delicious chicken, prime roasts of beef, pork and ribs. Our grills have been shipped all over the U.S.A., and overseas, to discerning grillers who recognize the quality, design and durability of Chickenmaster Rotary Grills. Every Chickenmaster grill is designed and manufactured to industrial quality in the USA. Constructed with stainless steel rotisserie baskets, spit, grates and hardware, 12 gauge steel and heavy duty aluminum combine to give you years of grilling pleasure. Our rotisserie motor (included) is manufactured in the USA and provides easy, reliable use.