“Jack – The chicken and ribs turned out great! Check out the pictures!”  Jess, MN



“I’m an avid barbequer……”Chickenmaster Rotisserie Charcoal Grill Testimonials

“…..and I have spent the last 3 months looking at grills on the internet to find a grill that would meet my needs for large and small order grilling. During my search, I came across the Chickenmaster and began to look at the specifications and construction of the grill. I quickly determined that this was a grill that I needed to considered in my final search for the perfect grill. I like to cook for large numbers of people and I also like to have the ability to barbeque a single steak.After careful consideration and conversations with the designers of the grill, I purchased the Party Pro which gives me the ability to cook 12+ chickens or 24 slabs of ribs at one time or a single hamburger.

When I first received my Chickenmaster Grill, all of my neighbors came over to see what I had been talking about for the last 3 weeks. It took me about 20 minutes to get it assembled without any tools and I was ready for grilling. That aftrernoon, I purchased 10 chickens to cook for my best friends in the neighborhood. I loaded 6 chickens on one spit and the other 4 on the other spit. Shortly there after, the neighbors curiousity got the best of them and they started to come over one by one to see the progresss. While the chickens were cooking, I lost my entire wine collection, but we had a fantastic time. Next week we are all getting back together to try out the rib baskets.

Tom, Cazenovia, NY

Chickenmaster Charcoal Grill“Here’s Walter at his restaurant in Japan…”

…using the Chickenmaster Mega Grill we manufactured and shipped to him, to use daily in his restaurant.”

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